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Erotic Movie – 인간중독 人間中毒 Obsessed (2014)


South Korea produces some of the sexiest erotic movies and Obsessed is a movie directed by Kim Dae-woo. It stars Song Seung-heon (송승헌) as Colonel Kim Jin-pyeong who has an affair with Lim Ji-yeon (임지연) as Jong Ga-heun. With Lim Ji-yeon as your neighbour, why wouldn’t you fuck her all day?

한국은 가장 섹시한 에로 영화를 제작하고 있으며, 김대우 감독의 영화 ‘Obsessed’입니다. 송승헌이 김진평 대령으로, 임지연(종가헌)과 불륜을 저질렀다. 임지연을 이웃으로 두고 하루 종일 섹스하지 않겠습니까?

Date: December 7, 2021

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